About Us

Our Goal

We are building a messaging platform that is open, without locking communities to a specific company. Using existing IRC open standards, working with key related projects and organisations to improve and extend them as user requirements change in todays modern world.

Online communities and organisations are now more often tied down to the website they started with, causing problems if that website changes direction or the original rules you are accustomed to suddenly change. With platform lock-in that often sneaks up today, this makes it incredibly difficult to move your community to another host, or even start to host yourself as you grow and serve your community as you need. We believe this should be an easy thing to do today and we do this by using open standards, with open software that we build together.

Open Source

There are many communities and organisations already using open platforms but unfortunately haven't been able to keep up with todays expectations from these messaging applications. Rather than inventing entirely new tools and leaving these communities behind, we are helping to improve existing IRC projects that can benefit everybody.

Some of these projects include:

  • InspIRCd - An IRC server that implements modern functionality.
  • Kiwi IRC - The IRC web and mobile clients that implements new IRC functionality for many communities.
  • IRCv3 - The IRCv3 working group that discusses, experiments, and tests new IRC functionality in a backwards compatible way with many key projects.